Our Vision / Mission / Purpose

To create a safe and sacred space where individuals, families, groups, and corporations may come to experience, explore, and expand upon their full potential in a co-creative, co-collaborative, and experiential way with horses.
~ No previous horses experience is required ~


About Kamille

Kamille Hottinger is a certified FEEL Facilitator and Founder of The Sanctuary at Alyce's Place where individuals, families, groups, and corporations come to Reconnect, Renew, and Restore. Kamille holds several types of equine facilitated learning and healing certifications which include: FEEL (Facilitated Equine Experiential Learning), EAGALA (Equine Assisted Psychotherapy (EAP) and  Equine Assisted Learning (EAL)), and Equinisity Healing Practitioner Certification. In addition, Kamille also holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Criminal Justice from Seattle University. As a lifelong equestrian who has cared for and lived with horses for over half of her life Kamille marries her lifelong love of and passion for horses with her passion for championing, inspiring, and encouraging those around her to become and achieve their very best.

Kamille has also enjoyed a very rich and diverse professional life spanning over 30 years that has taken her from health care and aquatic safety to the criminal and civil legal fields to sales and marketing of real estate for individuals and large corporations. Kamille has taken her passion and diverse professional expertise and created a safe and sacred space here at The Sanctuary for people to come and fully embrace and experience the transformative nature of experiential learning and healing with horses and all that this platform has to offer to those seeking: a deeper understanding of themselves; a transformative self-actualizing experience; and/or simply another arena in which to realize that "next level" manifestation either personally and/or professionally.