She weds a grounded practicality...

Kamille Hottinger is a rich resource, and one of the very few practitioners that I trust to collaborate with in this unique field of equine inspired work. She weds a grounded practicality, clear thinking, and an open heart in service to her clients’ goals and their call to transformation. The joy that companions Kamille’s work is palpable and deeply nourishing, and the environment she has created and shares with her horses provides a strong container to host the wisdom of the emergent.

K. Alexandra Onno, PhD, LMHC, Certified Practitioner of Equine Facilitated Psychotherapy.

She walks her talk...

Kamille is a gifted facilitator for equine assisted work and truly understands the power of horses as healers. She walks her talk and is and has always been committed to her own personal growth. Her horses are respected and treated as partners in her practice, rather than tools of the trade.  Kamille and I share paths and I am honored to know her and to have worked with her.

Elizabeth "Lizzy" Meyer, President, Whole Horse Consulting, LLC.

Kamille really was an amazing facilitator..

I have had the honor to work with Kamille Hottinger at The Sanctuary at Alyce’s Place at both the table work and the experiential learning/healing work.  My first experience was with the table work and I have to admit, I was a little nervous to lay on a table, in a field, with 2 horses milling around and coming right up to me on the table.  Kamille really was an amazing facilitator and was able to help me get grounded and comfortable.  It was an amazing experience to have Blitzy and Starbuck come up and do energy work on me while I was laying there.  They were so gentle and after 30 minutes of table work I felt peaceful and grounded and refocused.
The next work that I did with Kamille and the herd was the experiential healing/learning.  Kamille was fantastic at guiding me through the different exercises, interpreting the horses and their reactions and asking me poignant questions in a timely fashion to help me uncover my unconscious.  I loved working with Blitzy and doing the obstacle course.   The first lesson Blitzy taught me was helping me break down barriers to goals that I set to see that they were easy to walk through and that the barriers were self imposed.  I learned to both trust the herd, listen to them and learned to relax enough to hear myself as well.

Denise Seavitt.