What is Experiential Learning with Horses?

The Sanctuary at Alyce’s Place applies leading edge modalities in the field of Experiential Learning and Healing with Horses which are innovative approaches to self-development and growth.  In concert with the horses, people gain self-knowledge, acquire skills, and gain confidence that facilitate powerful changes. This approach engages people by offering them the opportunity to fully participate with their mind, body and spirit.  Experiential education is learning by doing with reflection from the horses. These sensitive, intelligent creatures respond to both positive and negative changes generated by a person’s body and behavior.  In other words, horses mirror or reflect the emotions and energy of the people around them.
At The Sanctuary we bring you together with horses in a fun, safe, and innovative way.  Most of the exercises are done on the ground which will empower you to make change in your life.  We invite you to explore the possibilities.


Why Do We Work With Horses?

Horses have a strong, natural desire to be of service and to interact with people. Given that horses are teachers and healers, they possess a keen, highly perceptive intuition that helps us close the gap between how we actually present ourselves to others and how we think we are being.  People are more readily willing to accept feedback from a horse than they do from humans, as there is no judgment in the horse’s response.  People trust the horse’s reflection as honest and direct.  As we learn from the wisdom of the horse, we develop our intuition and create new possibilities for our lives. Join us with the horses at The Sanctuary at Alyce’s Place and unlock the potential and limitless possibilities within you.